Brian To

Testing? Isn't that a school thing?

I'm in New York, Baby!

Yes! I’m finally here. In a few short days, I’ll be working for Google NYC!

My dad took me visit the Google office on Ninth Avenue. Somehow, the directions for getting out of the station at the correct place is more complicated than the directions for traversing the subway network. A few of the exits have multiple entrances to the street. The station at the port authority has a bunch. There’s one exit labeled 15th street, but it’s actually between 14th and 15th street. I need to exit out of the last exist. That station is a confusing mess. I’ll get another chance again to burn the route into my mind.

That reminds me, how does the subway system work?

Chinese food in NYC is surprisingly good, especially for the same price I find back in Rochester. A large bowl of wanton soup is under $5. Small meat pastries (among other simple pastries) are about 70¢ each. Quite a bargain. There are cool flavors like curry beef, chicken, and roast pork for the savory and things like lemon and taro for the sweet. Small cake pastries are just over a dollar! I have a feeling I might buy these things in bulk and enjoy them over the week.

May the foods be with you.